this article on wastes no time getting to the meat!

EVERYONE DO THIS SURVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s about lafitte greenway!

The current sketches call for a skate park at N. Broad and lafitte (pictured below), a smaller park under claiborne @ lafitte, and 3 skate “dots,” connecting the two park. a “skate dot,” is defined as a single element built with skateboarding in mind….. like a long buttery ledge, or a skateable sculpture like a quarter pipe. we’ll explore the dot idea more soon!

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4 Responses to MAKING PROGRESS!!!

  1. Dana Leconey says:

    very exciting

  2. My biggest concern is that when they add a bike path, it is conducive to removing bike interference with traffic. Cars are already upset when bikes use the road. For instance, I bike on Jeff Davis vs on the path, because the huge bumps encured when going through the cutouts to the street level at every block. Plus turning cars have priority over bikes and give no respect to bikes. If I am commuting, I’d rather take up road space where at least I know I have the right of way and don’t need to crawl through or stop at every block. Same thing with the st roch trail. It winds around so much, I might as well take the street.

    • plus, as the neighborhood (projects?) come back, will people feel safe commuting. its a corridor for a reason, people traveling through should feel safe. Not just the local neighbors. Plus, those passing through will hopefully stop from time to time and spend money at nearby shops.

  3. nicola says:

    hmmm…interesting how there’s a NOPD station between the skate park and the skate shop…

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