Quality Design/Build Firms

A short list of very high quality DESIGN/BUILD vendors.

Ideal Skate Parks : Austin Based Design/Build that has worked in Lafayette http://www.idealskateparks.com/

Team Pain Skate Parks : Leading the charge in high quality skate parks http://www.teampain.com

New Line Skate Parks : Mostly plaza style park. High function, High aesthetic value http://www.newlineskateparks.com/

Dreamland Skate Parks : The builders of Portland’s Burnside, and Louisiana’s first concrete park in hammond.                                                         http://dreamlandskateparks.com

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2 Responses to Quality Design/Build Firms

  1. SkateShop says:

    I sympathize with you guys. We are lucky here in Auckland, New Zealand. The Auckland Council is building a number of skate parks around the city and they always consult the skating community during the design phase. The latest skate park at Nixon Park near where I live is due to be opened next week and was designed and built by a skater-owned skate park design/build company. We are so lucky to have an enlightened Council!

  2. fart panda says:

    team pain and dreamland are my two favorites right now. i really really hope that you guys can get one of those to build the new orleans skatepark.

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