We’ve been doing a lot of work, and had a very successful fundraiser at Lost Love Lounge this last monday. Very impromptu, and we’ll be going back to work soon!

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3 Responses to Update

  1. skaterbraind says:

    I got a chance to skate it last Saturday and just want to say how surprised I was to see the newer pieces and how fun they were to shred!! You guys work fast and well! If you can post up workdays well in advance, i will do my best to come help, and bring materials, tools, experience, and a little knowledge. And/or please contact me at pushpeople@gmail.com ( i live in the shRed Stick )

    • Well post about work days here and on facebook. Do you do stuff at catfish?

      • skaterbraind says:

        I don’t do Facebook,but my friends do, but now that I’ve found this, I’ll try to keep an eye out. Catfish really never progressed more than the rails. I’ve done a lot of small scale stuff in my backyard, and tried to do some under I-110 but that didn’t last. I wish I/we/others could get something more going in BR, but the city destroys most of what gets done.

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